About My Blog

journalI have been thinking and dreaming of this blog for a few years now, and felt like I just needed to take the leap and go for it! I began a blog in 2011 and only after a few short months stopped it. I decided to listen to the Lord’s quiet whisper to let it go and focus more on Him. Looking back I am so glad I heeded His call. Because I was obedient to Him, He began something beautiful within my heart and soul. The Lord brought beauty from several painful circumstances in my life. I started to journal daily and pour into my personal relationship with the Lord. I grew closer to my Maker than I could have ever imagined. Each and every journal has lead me to this point in my journey with my Maker. Yes, I will go deep on my blog, and that is because I have experienced the deepness of God’s amazing love.

On my blog I will have a little of everything:

  • Devotions and reflections on the Lord, our Maker
  • Graphic design, Digital Designs, and 8×10 Prints
  • My family and our journey the Lord has us on
  • Homeschooling our three kiddos
  • My husband’s endeavors and his book, Nephilim The Remnants
  • Scrapbook journaling
  • Crafting, sewing + all things fun
  • Saving money tips; especially with coupons, deals, mystery shopping, and thrift store shopping
  • What I am working on in design, writing, journaling and anything that the Lord calls me to write about
  • and much more!

I pray that my blog will be a blessing, encouragement and gift to all who read it. Have a wonderful beautiful day friends!


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