Stella the Sunflower is a Beautiful Book for Young Girls + Author Interview

The newly released children’s book, Stella the Sunflower is creative and beautiful! This book is meaningful and necessary to share with any young girl in your life. Stella the Sunflower children’s book is meaningful and filled with lovely flower illustrations throughout. There is a bonus coloring page at the end of the book for your daughter’s to enjoy at the end! It is colorful and engaging for little kids- even all three of my boys liked it….hehe ūüėČ

Take a look at what one mom says about Stella the Sunflower book. Jaime Bondurant, a mom of a six-year-old girl texted me after reading the book to her daughter and said,

“Stella the Sunflower needs to be in every school, so on point and so true!”

The author of Stella the Sunflower, Susan Parvin McCoy had a children’s story stirring in her heart for decades. She was unsure how to make it happen, until one day two friends got together¬†for dinner and started talking. That single evening gave birth to her story becoming real six months later!

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Susan Parvin McCoy

1. Sue, can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

I was adopted as an infant into a minister’s family and have lived in several states. My husband and I met at college¬†and we will be married ¬†35 years this coming August.

Brad is a pilot so we have managed unusual schedules our entire married life. This is the first time Brad consistently has weekends off and we are loving it.  We have 3 adult children, all married and 4 grandchildren all under the age of 3. I love being a mom and now a nana.

I love change and the Lord has been so good to me to give me lots of change in my life.¬†When my children were young, I taught piano lessons at home, and then as they became older and in school, I substitute and taught K-12. Eventually, the Lord led me to the Miami Valley Women’s Center where I¬†became a Center Director.¬†¬†God then gave me the opportunity to become an Operations Manager for a company. God eventually directed my steps to where I am currently and am going on year 5 as the¬†Women’s¬†Care team leader¬†at Apex Community Church.¬†

When not working,  I enjoy going to independent films and dinner with my hubby Brad, hanging out with my family, volunteering, hosting a book club, reading, traveling, babysitting my newest granddaughter, and entertaining.

I am so grateful that God loves me and has shown that to me throughout my years. I love to look back on what God has done in my life and I thank Him for the many blessings in this life and for everything He has brought me through.
¬†2. What inspired¬†you to write the children’s book, Stella the Sunflower?
God literally gave me the idea about writing about Stella (a sunflower) and her example to young girls regarding body image. My frustration with our culture’s obsession on possessing a specific type of outward appearance inspired me to get this very important message out to very young girls. Throughout my different career positions, and especially in my current one where I meet daily with women and teen girls as we talk through their life issues, I have been confronted with the dissatisfaction that many women have concerning their body image. I feel strongly about coming alongside women and girls and helping them realize their value and worth as God specifically and uniquely designed them. I also thought at this point in my life as a nana to grand-daughters, I want them to have the opportunity to be reading from an early age that they were designed by Almighty God exactly as He intended.

3. Do you have a favorite character in the book, and if so why?

My favorite character has to be Stella because she is honest enough to admit her true thoughts about herself and yet open to seeing the truth about how she was designed. Stella comes full circle and embraces happily her newfound freedom in acknowledging God’s beautiful plan for who she was made to be.


4. What was the best thing about the entire book process?

The best thing was getting the final copy in my hands and reading it to my granddaughter Brooklyn. She’s very young, but she loved the colorful illustrations!

5. What was the hardest thing about the entire book process?

The hardest part for me was finding the time to edit, make corrections, and make sure I found all the small glitches before the book went to the final print stage. 

6. What advice would you give a newbie author who only has the story but no illustration to their book?

Most authors have a vision for what they want their¬†illustrations¬†to look like so it’s important to work with someone¬†where you can be clear about what you are looking for in the¬†finished product. Pray¬†and seek out someone to illustrate¬†the book for you and then take a look at their work. I chose Johanna because I knew her, trusted her, and knew we could have a great working relationship. There are plenty of online illustrators, including on CreateSpace, which is what I used, but it was so nice to sit down often and go over my personal vision for the book with Johanna who was willing to put into illustration from what I had envisioned. I definitely would recommend Johanna and her husband David if you are searching for illustrators.¬†


Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story with us.

You can connect with Sue + Stella the Sunflower on Facebook here.

You can get her book on Amazon here!

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