Virtual Book Club and Bible Study Starting November 3rd for the Book Unashamed by Christine Caine

I am hosting a Virtual Book Club and Bible Study with the amazing book Unashamed! We will start on Thursday, November 3rd through my blog here. Join me in a private group page Devoted To My Maker and on my Facebook page. We will be discussing the book Unashamed, by Christine CaineThe plan is to meet back here on Thursday, November 3rd, having read the first chapter of the book – Unashamed by Christine Caine.

If you’re thinking should I join this group?

Are you….

  1. A woman who wants to be free from SHAME and live a life UNASHAMED!
  2. A woman who is too busy, but wants to do a Bible Study.
  3. A Momma who can barely get out the door to get groceries, let alone go to a Bible study.
  4. Have the desire to connect, but this season is too busy to go to a local Church for Bible Study.

If you are one or more of these on the list, please join us November 3rd. This is my first time leading a Virtual Book Club and Bible Study, so please don’t hesitate to take this new step, like I am. I am so very excited to meet all the people the Lord wants to bless through this amazing Book, Unashamed.

I have read this book and digested it over the summer, and it IS LIFE-CHANGING. If you truly take it all in and live life God’s way! So, please join us and I will be so excited to “meet” you virtually!

Get your book today and come prepared November 3rd to share your impressions and thoughts of the first chapter. You might like to think about:

  • One idea, or a specific part of the book that really spoke to you.
  • Do you have a different view of SHAME now?
  • What valuable spiritual insight did the Lord show you?.
  • A question that you have in response to what you have read
  • A story of your own related to the chapter the author discussed.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below letting me know that you will be reading along. If you are on Facebook, you might also like to check that you are subscribed to Devoted To Maker page notifications as I will be posting regular reminders to stay in touch as we read together. And don’t forget to join the private group page Devoted To My Maker. Much discussion will be going on during Thursday, so please join us today!


Please join me and the rest of us who will be digging into this great book so we can live unashamed in Jesus Christ!


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  1. Marva | SunSparkleShine says:

    This is so exciting, Johanna (and as usual your graphics are amazing!). I pray for those who will be joining in, that they will be blessed and freed from the burdens that have been holding them back.
    Blessings to you, sweet friend.

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