What a Wedding Ring and Semi Truck Taught Me about Trusting God

Wedding Ring Trusting FacebookI was in a panic. I was searching frantically in my bedroom. I could not find my wedding ring anywhere. I was sure I had put it on my dresser the night before. I was looking, hunting, searching, throwing clothes everywhere. “I can’t be late for work,” I thought to myself. I needed to find my wedding ring!

How did my wedding ring disappear?

Where could I have put it?

How can this be happening? I was in the process of being laid off from my job and the last thing our family could afford is a wedding ring. 

I took a deep breath and stopped searching. It was in that moment, I recalled a snippet from a radio show when a lady was missing her car keys and she decided to pray and ask God for help. She shared that after she prayed God gave her wisdom where to find her missing keys.

I realized, I needed to stop stressing and start praying!

I sat down on my bed, bowed my head and began to simply pray, “Lord please help me find my missing wedding ring.”

As soon as I uttered those words to the Lord, He spoke something back to me that I was not expecting.

“Do you trust me?”

I was completely taken back by the Lord’s response. As soon as He asked me that question I yelled out one small but significant word.


“What?” I thought to myself, how could I even say that to the Lord. Of course, I trusted Him. Why would I say that? How could I not trust God? I grabbed my keys, put on a smile like everything was okay and kissed my little guys goodbye. But everything was not okay, and there was something so wrong deep within my soul screaming out in utter shame. “Why do I  NOT trust God?”

As I drove to work, I looked to the right lane and saw a large white semi truck. On the semi truck, there were large black letters on the side of the truck that said PS207. Something about those letters and numbers seemed so odd, yet familiar. Why would these be on a semi truck? I sat in silence trying to figure out what the letters and numbers meant plus disheartened about my new realization that I did not trust God.

As I walked into work I wondered if the numbers and letters were a verse in the Bible. I had no clue, but I knew God was up to something. As I googled PS 207, I found out the verse was real! Psalm 20:7 says,

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”

Psalm 207

I sat back in complete awe of God. He loved me so much that even though I admitted I did not trust Him, He still wanted to speak to me. The Lord used a semi truck and a wedding ring to teach me about trusting God that day. He gave me Psalm 20:7 to build up my faith in why I needed to TRUST in Him alone! He was telling me to TRUST Him no matter what.

Even if….

I lost my wedding ring

I was losing my job

my baby was having heart issues inside the womb

we only had $30 to buy food for the week

we were not sure how our mortgage would be paid

my marriage was having problems

I was dealing with haunting memories of my childhood

The “If’s of Life” were endless, but God was showing me through a lost wedding ring and a semi truck that I needed to TRUST in the name of the Lord our God! And since God showed up for me in such a tangible way, I was up for the challenge. I let go of the shame of not trusting Him that day. After that, I began to be honest with myself and God.

I started to ask the tough questions, “Why did I not trust the Lord? Why did I struggle with not trusting Him even when I wanted to trust Him?” And guess what friends? Within time, the Lord showed me why I struggled to TRUST Him. The answers were not easy to hear, but my walk with Him became so much deeper than ever before.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

The word trust is a small word but has such huge meaning. TRUST is the basis for allowing God to work in our lives when life makes no sense. Trust is the glue that holds us onto GOD when things are falling apart.

It has been over five years since I saw that white semi truck on the road and so much has changed in my life. That day will forever be etched in my mind. Through it all, I became secure in HIM because He showed me how to put my trust in Him alone, even when I had no clue I was not trusting Him. 

Maybe you are having a trust issue with the Lord just as I encountered. If so, ask yourself and God, “Do I truly trust in the Lord?” He will answer you, my friend! It might not be the same way He spoke to me, but He will speak to you. My journey with trusting God is far from over, but I have the confidence that what He allows in my life is ultimately for my good even if it does not feel good at that present time. 

Can I pray with you right now?

Father God, we humbly ask You to show us if we have a trust issue with you. We want to trust you just like you tell us in Psalm 20:7. We want to trust in the name of the Lord our God! Help us to do that with your divine power. Let us be brave and courageous to deal with the hard issues within our soul. We need you Lord. Please let us hear your Holy Spirit today as we seek you with our whole heart. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus. – Amen.

Wedding Ring Trusting

And just in case if you’re still wondering if I found my ring? Yes, I did and it was when I wasn’t even looking for it. Don’t you love how God does that?! Maybe I should write a post about finding the wedding ring now 😉

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  1. Angela @ Setting My Intention says:

    i love this story. I so appreciate Gods gentle nudgings and the mercies that are new each morning. We can be honest with a God of grace. I feel like our walk with God is about learning to trust Him and co tinting to trust him. Thanks for sharing your struggle and hope!

  2. Pam says:

    Hi Johanna! I am visiting today as your neighbor at Testimony Tuesday. This was such a great story! The Lord shows us so much grace and mercy when we come face-to-face with lack of trust, faith, unbelief in some area, etc., etc. What a great joy to read this.
    Blessings and love,

  3. Heather says:

    I love this! It’s beautiful how God showed you exactly what you needed that day! Trusting can be so hard especially through trial, but God is faithful!

  4. Danielle DeVane Wells says:

    This post made me cry! It sounds a little bit like my life right now! A little crazy and wondering how everything will work out! Thank you for sharing your heart! This was exactly what I needed!

    By the way, I noticed you linked to a couple link parties at the bottom of your post. I have link party I host each Friday night at 6pm EST. I’m always looking for new Christian parties to attend to share my posts…I thought you may like to know! Have a great day!

    • devotedtomaker says:

      Oh Danielle, I am beyond thankful that the Lord gave you exactly what you needed in that very moment! I 100% understand about trusting the Lord when things do not make sense. I am praying for you and your circumstance right now! God knows and God cares for you my friend!

      Thank you for telling me about your link party, I will have to check it out for sure! Have a blessed day!!!

  5. Hannah Scarlett says:

    I LOVE hearing about those awesome moments where it’s so undeniably God moving to show us something. They’re like little incredible whispers that make us stop in our tracks. Thank you for sharing this story- I’m so glad you were able to embrace the opportunity to grow in trust. 🙂

  6. Rhiannon says:

    Amen! I love hearing how faithful God is and how gently he reveals things we might need to work on. He uses life to teach us more about him. Great and encouraging post!

  7. Sheila says:

    What a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness even in our disbelief. Thank You for the reminder that no matter our circumstances God is in control. I have to ask, did you found your wedding ring? Many Blessings and May God always show each of us his unconditional love even when we don’t deserve it.

  8. Ruthie Gray says:

    PS207 – YES!!! Love it. Love the whole story – I think this is the first time reading it, but when I saw the title I thought to myself, “Where have I heard that before, it sounds so familiar?” LOL.
    I’m going to need this verse today. Jim is having surgery at Duke. Pray for the doctors to be able to get all the giant kidney stones and for recovery after – it’s gonna be a long one. This is his 59-60th baby and third surgery in about 15 years. We’ve been doing this a LONG time. So I know what we’re facing after.
    Thanks so much for joining us for Tuesday Talk, girlfriend! I hope you’ll come back next week!

    • devotedtomaker says:

      Ruthie, so glad you read this!!! Yes, I am glad you remembered 🙂 I am praying for you and your hubby today. I have only had one terribly huge kidney stone that they had to remove and it was too big to pass, so surgery had to happen. Praying for peace and trust in Jesus above! I will come back again to Tuesday Talk again for sure!

  9. Sheri Dacon says:

    I’m visiting from Faith Barista’s #OneWordCoffee. Love your story! I’ve had similar things happen. . . once completely freaked out over my son’s glasses being lost and God bowled me over with his response.

    • devotedtomaker says:

      So glad you visited me here, Sheri! I am so glad you loved this story!!! God is so amazing to reveal himself in so many various ways! I would love to hear your story sometime as well 🙂

  10. Marva @ sunSPARKLEshine says:

    Johanna, after having a few things go missing around my house in the last few days, I think this story is for me! I love how God spoke to you AND provided the answer your heart needed. Thanks so much for being vulnerable enough to let me learn from you. Sending you hugs! (Hope you found that ring!)

    • devotedtomaker says:

      Marva, I am so glad you shared your sweet words! Thank you for all your encouragement also! I love that we are able to get to know each other even more now!!! 🙂 Blessings sweet friend!

  11. Tai East says:

    Incredible message, Johanna! What a great blessing to visit with you today and what a great testament to how powerful THE PRESENCE of GOD is! Thank you so much for sharing, Love! GOD bless you, beautiful friend! 🙂

  12. Ginger Harrington says:

    When God encourages us in unexpected ways, our faith takes a giant step forward. Trust is hard when the details don’t seem to be working out and the hard days won’t seem to go away. Thanks for sharing this truth today, God is trustworthy!

  13. Dianne Thornton says:

    Such a NEAT post! Did you ever find your ring? I went back to read through to see if I missed it … Losing a treasure is one way God tests us to see where our treasure really is … oh, what beautiful reminders here.

    • devotedtomaker says:

      Yes, I did find my ring 🙂 And I love how you said this, “Losing a treasure is one way God tests us to see where our treasure really is” So so good!!!! So glad you took time to share your heart as well!

  14. Dawn says:

    I loved reading this post and I loved seeing how God spoke to you in this moment. He’s so awesome like that. Also, I want to know if you ever found your ring!
    Thank you for sharing at Grace and Truth last week. I’m going to feature this post on my blog this Friday. I think it will bless everyone who reads it.

    • devotedtomaker says:

      So glad you stopped by and so thankful it spoke to your heart. And yes, I did find my ring in a very peculiar way 😉 I will have to explain further in another post 🙂 WOW! I am very honored that you are going to feature this post. Thank you so much, I pray others will be drawn and blessed by how God wants to stretch our trust in him, even when we don’t realize we need it. Many Blessings!!!

  15. Betsy says:

    Johanna, I love how God speaks to us, even through a semi-truck! (Reminds me of how He spoke to me and In-n-Out Burger last December on a plastic cup.)

    Thanks for your encouragement here to trust God. So important, so hard to do when things seem to be falling apart!

  16. Carla Peterson says:

    This evening i discovered my wedding band was not on my finger. First i panicked, then i cried out to God to keep it safe because He knew right where it was. I’ve searched the house and will return back to the store and retrace my steps. Is been a really rough year for me and losing my ring is hard. I’ve lost my dad, my mom, a son and 2 precious pups. My heart can’t take much more. All i can do is cry out to Him. My heart is sore. Please pray for me.

    • devotedtomaker says:

      I am so sorry to see read how hard life has been for you. I can not imagine having lost so much that to lose something else would be heart-breaking. I understand that more than anything else. I will be praying that the Lord will give you peace and I pray that you do find your wedding ring. The Lord loves you so much. Praying for you and with you.

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