Letting Go of My Christmas To-Do List and Embracing what Truly Matters!

Christmas ListWith Christmas almost here, I have come to quickly realize I can not do it all. I have a Christmas list as long as my arm and many more lists that have come from those lists- either on paper or running erratically through my head. I decided in that moment I had two choices:

  1. I could either be stressed by trying to make everyone’s Christmas perfect.


     2.  I could accept the truth that not everything needs to be perfect, to enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.

I chose #2…. finally. I am officially hanging up my super mom cape and letting the cape strings dangle just like my long list of things to do. I am letting go of my lists making skills and taking ahold of the grace that Jesus so graciously offers.

Now, to give you tangible ways of what I am letting go of this Christmas, here is my list below (please excuse the irony of the list making comparisons below). 😉 This is the best way to compare and contrast what I am letting go and what I am now choosing to embrace this Christmas.

What I am letting go this Christmas…

  1. Making multiple lists of what I want to accomplish this Christmas season.
  2. Doing every advent calendar I have seen online, and trust me there are some amazing ones!
  3. Letting go of being in the kitchen and baking my Christmas away.
  4. Buying official Christmas cards and mailing them out this year.
  5. Going to every Christmas event, we are invited to.
  6. Wrapping each and every single gift.
  7. Giving gifts to every person I want or know.
  8. Clean, clean and clean some more til I fall to the floor. (Okay, maybe a bit dramatic) 
  9. Go, go and go some more!
  10. Going to expensive light shows.
  11. Give to every good cause this time of year. 
  12. Going into debt for Christmas gifts.

Christmas list 2

What I am embracing this Christmas…

  1. Embracing the moment rather than planning every detail of our day.
  2. I chose two advent readings from the Bible to do our Jesus Christmas Tree.
  3. Choosing one afternoon to cook together. Making cookies with my kiddos and not doing the gingerbread house and gingerbread train as I did years before.
  4. Sending our “Family Christmas Card” on Facebook and internet channels. 
  5. Embracing family, and friends during this joyous season.
  6. Not wrapping every.single.gift! Gift bags are awesome!
  7. Scaling back. I love my family and friends, but I can not make gifts or purchase gifts for everyone I know. And that is okay. Letting go of gift-giving for everyone and praying for each and every friend as I think about them this Christmas season.
  8. I have enlisted the little troops to help me clean or clean as I go about the house. De-clutter often and daily. 
  9. I love being on the go but I also love time at home with my family. I am doing better at setting healthy boundaries because family time is important.
  10. Driving around our local neighborhood and enjoying the free light shows in town!
  11. Instead of feeling guilty about not giving to all the charities that are out there, I am praying about which charities the Lord wants our family to bless this time of year. I have felt obligated in the past to give to so many, or guilty when we couldn’t give to every charity person we saw or phone call we received. This year I am letting go of others expectations and being obedient to the Lord’s voice.
  12. Not going into debt this Christmas. By mystery shopping, couponing, creative craft making gifts here and here. I also found some great Amazon deals online. 

So, there you have it. That is what I am letting go this Christmas and what I am now embracing this Christmas!

Do you find yourself in the same spot as me? If so, ask yourself and the Lord what Christmas should be for you and your family this year.

I pray that your Christmas will be filled with love, grace, flexibility, family, friends and most of all Jesus this year and with a lot of FUN mixed in 🙂 

Merry Christmas dear friends! May your list grow shorter and family moments grow longer.

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  1. Ruthie Gray says:

    Fabulous! I loved this, Johanna. Well put, simple, to the point, and anyone can easily implement this.
    My Christmas season was weird. Definitely doing more blog planning next year and not spending so much time online during my kid’s college break, even though I was particularly mindful of it this year.
    I didn’t send Christmas cards either – did the fb thing also, and my middle child (bless her soul right down to the core) offered to wrap ALL my gifts for me. So I let her! (Now I just have to wrap HER gifts!) We are traveling to hear our son perform in his Christmas musical at church – also weird and breaking Christmas Eve tradition, yet refreshing, and I’m looking forward to it!
    Sharing this today, my sweet, dear friend, and Merry Christmas!

    • devotedtomaker says:

      Hi Ruthie! I am so glad I am not the only one in this spot right now. I am sure your family is so glad you are flexible with your planning! As we were doing a very small batch of sugar cookies tonight I had to let go of the “things have to be perfect” mommy guilt. I am trying to embrace the imperfect moments as much as the well-planned ones! God is so gracious and loving, I want to be the same to myself!
      And so glad that you let go as well! What a sweet daughter!!! I cannot wait to hear what type of blogging schedule you come up with. Please share when you do! Thanks for sharing! Merry Merrcy Christmas! May you feel the LOVE of Jesus even more this year.

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