Two Sided Wooden Christmas Decorative Gift Blocks

christmas blocks wideOh, how I love to create fun things. For almost a year I wanted to make these wooden blocks and since Christmas is right around the corner I just had to make it happen! This is my new favorite Christmas craft right now. With the end result being a DIY double sided Christmas decorative block gift. 

And if you are family reading this, you might very well be getting one of these this Christmas ūüôā So, I hope you LOVE it as much as I do! If not, then just smile and act like you’re happy when I give it to you anyway…..hehe!!

This post from Tater Tots and Jello inspired me here to create these lovely wooden decorative block gifts, but I wanted to add some of my own little touches to it to make it extra special! To make it personal for each person with a photo of our family or with a photo of our boys, so I found these adorable mini clothespins at Meijer for only $1.00, and the knobs I found at Walmart last year. I added scrapbook paper to both sides. Then after hot gluing the mini clothespin down, I added a family photo on one side and a verse card on the other side.

If you decide to make the block two-sided, you can make two different designs for one special gift. You can also add twine, ribbon, buttons or anything else that will enhance the look of the gift for the person. Make it super simple or make it super fancy.




On Thanksgiving night, I showed my sister and niece how to make these wooden decorative block gifts and look how they turned out (photo below). I love them! They both decided to hang the clip on the twine rather than hot glue it down and it looks great! This is such a versatile gift, you can do so much to make it special to the gift receiver!


If you like crafting and making wooden blocks, check out my post HERE how to make wooden blocks for baby gifts, birthday gifts, or Christmas blocks.

Thank you, Megan, at Wunderly Photography for the family photos (above) pictured here to make the wooden Christmas blocks gifts very special.

christmas blocks

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