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I started my blog Devoted To Maker March 7, 2015.

I started the Christian Bloggers Bootcamp August 1, 2015.

What a difference the Christian Bloggers Bootcamp has made in my blogging life! By trade I am a graphic designer but even with my knowledge of graphics and fonts  + branding, Christian Bloggers Bootcamp (CBB) took it to another level! I am still working on some of the modules because between homeschooling, writing three books, being a wife and a momma, plus blogging, I needed to take CBB at my own pace. The modules are made to take it one step at a time and one module at a time. That is another reason why I love CBB! But there was one thing that was the best gift of all to me…..

The gift of community at Christian Bloggers Bootcamp.

Blogging can be very lonely. When we blog we are pouring out words of ministry to others. We don’t see our readers face to face because it’s all online. Before I found Christian Bloggers Bootcamp, I had been praying that the Lord would give me wisdom on what to do with my blog and I told him how I wished I had a place to just ask questions no matter how big or small! And that is what I found with Christian Bloggers Bootcamp! Many people are so encouraging and supportive of one another. I have now found a few good blogger friends. One friend in particular has encouraged me so much. We follow each others blogs, share comments and help one another in our pursuit of what God has called us to do! And maybe, just maybe, I might get to meet her face to face someday 🙂 

I am sharing this with you because one of my favorite bloggers Arabah Joy is opening another enrollment for Christian Bloggers Bootcamp this Black Friday! I stumbled upon her blog over a year ago and found her writing immensely uplifting and heart-felt. She uses her writing gift from the Lord to breathe encouragement into weary soul.

If the Lord has called you to blog for Him, then pray about taking to this course.

It doesn’t cost a ton of money, and she is not getting rich- she is simply trying to help others write and blog wisely and steward their gifts in the best way possible. The cost is only $75.00! In this course you will receive tangible steps and tips for seasoned and newbie bloggers. By taking this course it will equip you with the tools you need so you will be able to share with the world the message God has put on your heart.

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The modules included are:

1. Clarifying your why

2. Finding and Creating Your Best Content

3. Being Savory in a World of Instant Gratification

4. Image creation and visuals

5. Leveraging Pinterest

6. Winning on Facebook

And the BEST thing of all of this is you’ll be invited to the private Facebook group for CBB students and graduates where you can learn, share, network, and collaborate with others in the Christian Blog World. Let me say this resource is priceless! This alone is WORTH it’s weight in GOLD!

Hop over to Christian Bloggers Bootcamp, so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

{Enrollment Starts Black Friday and is open til December 1st}


I’ll see you in Christian Bloggers Bootcamp, I can’t wait to meet you there!

Join the Community where Blogging Matters for Eternity!

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For full disclosure, I am an affiliate of CBB since I have taken the course and believe in this program. When you sign up and get 10% OFF, I will get a little money as well, so thank you! This money will help cover the cost of having this blog up and running 🙂 Thank you!

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    • devotedtomaker says:

      Tai, I am so glad you came my way! I am always so blessed when you do! You do amazing blog work, but I think you will enjoy the community aspect of it even more!! If you use my code JHH10 you get 10% OFF and I get an affiliate payment as well! It opens Black Friday and closes three days from then on Monday 🙂

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