I am Like Jonah – 4 Day Series Coming Soon on the Book of Jonah

I am Jonah

Hello friend! Starting Monday, November 16, and the four days following we will study the Book of Jonah in 4 Days with 4 Lessons within 4 Chapters. I am so excited to study the book of Jonah with you! I almost can’t wait til next Monday 😉

What can we gleam from such a small book in the Bible?

As I was reading the book of Jonah in the Bible to my boys this past week I was struck with AWE of how profound this little 4 chapter book truly is! 

It’s not just a child’s story anymore. The book of Jonah is more for us adults than we tend to believe. It is a true account of one man’s relationship with God. We will read about failure, disobedience, faith, love, redemption, forgiveness, restoration, mercy, grace and being chased after by God. Over those four days we will take a peek into the book of Jonah and see what God shows us about Jonah, Nineveh and even ourselves.

If you are God’s child, you can run from Him, BUT He will chase after you because YOU are HIS! He won’t chase us out of out of anger, but out of love. Love for us and love for others. God loved Jonah and He loved Nineveh deeply. So, friend if you’re running from Him, or running from a problem or maybe you are running from something else buried deep in your soul, than let God into that difficult space in your heart. He loves you and he will never let you go.

Because I am like Jonah, are you?

See you back here next Monday friends!!

DAY 1 is HERE!

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