A Great Read: Raising Boys – A Father’s Perspective

boys1My husband and I are both privileged to be a part of 30 Days of Raising Boys over at Kaylene Yoder’s blog. If you missed my insight on raising boys, you can take few minutes where I wrote about “How to Enjoy Raising Boys {Even MORE} with 5 Simple Tips.  Through our sixteen years of marriage, David has taught me so many great things about raising our boys.

This is just a snippet of David Henderson’s amazing post about Raising Boys – A Father’s Perspective.

“As a father of three growing boys, there is never a dull moment at our house. From sword fighting in the living room, to speed races sliding down the stairs on their tummies, they are always coming up with new (and sometimes dangerous!) ways to play and have fun. As a Father I get the job of establishing the ground rules for what is acceptable and unacceptable for our boys.”

To read the rest of his great eye-opening post check it out here.


Check out these wonderful Bible Based Bible Studies and books David has been a part of:

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  1. K says:

    Johanna and David, it was such an honor to have both of you participate in the Raising Boys series! Your posts continue blessing many parents. Thank you!

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