What Nurtures Your Soul? + FREE FALL Chalkboard Print Round Up

nurturesWhat do you love?

What nurtures your soul?

I love the Lord. I love my husband. I love my boys. I love my family.

Gathering with family and friends…love it! That nurtures my soul.

I love graphic design. I love being creative and using my creativity in various ways. I love being creative by making baby blocks, printable art, scrapbook journaling, sewing bags or baby items, journaling, writing, blogging, graphic design, crafting, homeschooling and so much more. What is not on my list: deep cleaning, and not rushing from here to there all day long.

Creativity Nurtures the Soul.

Take a few moments and think about what you love to do and what you would do if you had all the time in the world? 

  • Would you paint?
  • Would you draw?
  • Would you Bible Journal?
  • Would you take a bubble bath?
  • Gather with friends?
  • Long walk in nature?

When we engage with things that nurture one’s soul we feel more complete and filled up after we have done that specific thing. For myself and many others creativity does just that! Step out of your normal day to day schedule and do something even if it is just 15 minutes to nurture your soul today.


And since Fall has arrived and I love Chalkboard Prints I wanted to round up online all the beautiful Fall Chalkboard Prints I found. Now you have a place to download them easily right at your fingertips.

<< Free {FALL} Chalkboard Print Round Up >>


Thank you to Nest of Posies Blog

Be Thankful Printable with livelaughrowe.com

Thank you to Live Laugh Rowe for the Be Thankful Printable


Thanks to the Cottage Market + Shabby Creek Cottage for these Prints!


Thank you to Design Love Inspiration

welcome autumn chalkboard

Thank you to the blog: I should be Mopping the Floor!


Thank you to the blog The Domestic Heart for these prints

Two FREE Fall Prints

Go here to download these two Fall Prints from me 🙂

Because I love being creative and love helping others in their pursuit of creativity in their homes and lives, I would love to give you a gift.


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