Do You Have a Prayer Closet? // Moments with Maker #12

Moments with Maker Devotional Week #12

prayer closet

Do You Have a Prayer Closet? 

“But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” Matthew 6:6 (ESV)

As lovers of the Lord, we need to be prayer warriors. We need to seek the Lord often and frequently. In the verse above Jesus was explaining to the disciples how to pray. But as a mom of three boys, how do I find the time to actually pray to the Lord with the time I need? Well to be honest, I am struggling with that too right now. I had some really good time with the Lord when my husband worked from home because I could literally leave the room and go to my bedroom and shut the door and know that my kiddos weren’t tearing apart the house as I prayed. But since he is now gone 11 hours a day during the week, I am needing my PRAYER time even more so!

I have prayer time with my kids and Bible time with my kids, but I KNOW I need my quiet prayer time with the Lord to have a joyful day and be the woman of God He called me to be. I do not want to come across as legalistic, but I know how desperately I need Jesus. I need him every moment of every day. Listen, I have tried doing it on my own in my early years of my marriage, and it did not work. I was empty running on empty. If I even attempt to go one day without him, then I am struggling in my own flesh to make my day work. When I put JESUS first, I feel Him with me during the entire day…the good, the hard and the crazy times. 

I could offer up a bunch of ideas for you and I to attempt to make our prayer time work OR do these 5 steps to make our prayer time work, but instead of those ideas I feel prompted to say this about our prayer time:

#1. The enemy does NOT want anyone to find time to fall on their knees in prayer to the Lord Most High.

#2. If we seek God earnestly about how and when to pray He will show us each how to make it work exactly for our individual situations. (I am praying God will show you this week, even today on how to do this for you and your family).

Are you ready for a change?

Prayer is our conversation with the Lord.

Prayer can be mundane if we make it that way, but Jesus NEVER dreaded it. He NEVER prayed as if He was bored. Instead He found solace in finding a place to pray to his Father God.

I used to believe the ideas that prayer was boring and I MUST do it since I am a Christian and that is what Christians do. Then once I realized I have the privilege to talk with the Maker of the heavens and the earth, the Maker of all humanity, what an honor that is!

Prayer can be a majestic offering to the Lord. A safe refuge when all things are going wrong. A place to fall on our knees in utter dependence to the Lord. A time that we bear our soul to Him.

Prayer is precious and holy.

How do you view your prayer life friend?

What is your prayer habit, or do you not have one?

Praying for our meals is wonderful, but that should not be the only time we talk with the Lord. To have a deep and intimate relationship with our Maker, we need to have a rich daily prayer life. The Lord adores you and He longs to hear from you. The Lord has shown me that if I want to be victorious in this life (and don’t we all), I need to dedicate time with Him. I need to have a quiet space for He and I to meet, “a prayer closet” if you will. It does not need to be an actual closet, it only needs to be a space where one can be honest, real, authentic and open with Him. A place where you won’t worry about saying the wrong words, or trying to use “christianese” (big, long religious words). 

prayer closet

Prayer is not a time of speaking out my wish list, but a time to….

  • thank Him
  • adore Him
  • praise Him
  • honor Him
  • worship Him
  • cast my cares on Him
  • confess my sins and faults to Him

“And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him.”- I John 5:14

If you haven’t started praying regularly with the Lord, start today. It doesn’t have to be hours or with eloquent words – simply talk to Him. Don’t keep track of time, just enjoy your time with the Lord and see how the heavens open up. The Lord is waiting for you. He wants to be with you dear one.

He loves you dearly.

Will you join Him today?


If you would still like some direction on “HOW TO” make prayer a priority, visit my friend’s (Ruthie) blog over here. She definitely has a way with words, I think you will get a lot out of it too!


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**Moments with Maker is a weekly devotional blog series from my Moments with Maker Devotional book I am preparing to publish – 365 Daily Devotionals. I will be sharing 52 devotionals with you throughout the year to encourage, build up, edify and draw you closer to the Maker of your soul.

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  1. Ruthie Gray says:

    We are on the same page again this week, girlfriend! I’m beginning a series on prayer and today’s is how to find time. I’m getting ready to schedule this one to share! Great challenge, Johanna, and I LOVE your graphic! I need you to teach me a thing or two about that! 😉

  2. Lizzy says:

    I’ve been recently reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Such a brilliant book on prayer and reading about great men and women of God and how they made time to pray. One I came across Elizabeth Alves really inspired me. She was a busy mum with about 9 kids, though they did go to school. She wrote a list of all the people in her family and assigned a job to each and whilst doing that job she would pray for that particular person. So I’ve done the same thing and posted a few lists around the house, and it’s been really helpful.

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