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What fun, challenging, hard, and yet very good blogging has been for me- even though it has only been five short months. I love how the Lord knows our heart’s desires and even when we are hesitant and trying to go the opposite direction…He is still GRACIOUS and PATIENT enough to still lead us there.

That is how I felt about blogging….God took me there kicking and screaming (on the inside of course). I wanted to blog but I also had so much FEAR of doing this “blogging thing” again and here’s why:

  • I don’t typically like change and for me to blog again, CHANGE would happen in my life.
  • What if I failed? I wanted to do it perfectly, but I knew it wouldn’t be perfect!
  • What if no nobody cared to read what God put on my heart?
  • Where would I find the time? I already have so much on my plate. 
  • What if, ….what if, ….what if, …my what if’s could go on and on….

Eventually, with the Lord’s help I overcame my own obstacles of FEAR and followed Him there with my whole heart. I blogged four years ago but it was basically only crafts and ways to save money, good deals, coupons and such.

But NOW, God has taken this girl who loves a good deal and showed me there is no better deal than a Savior who loves you completely and wholeheartedly, even on my worst day.

Don’t get me wrong you will still get info on the best deals (I just posted two deals) but my main emphasis is leading others to the Rock, the lover of their soul, the Jehovah-Jireh, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Restorer. There is nothing better than that. If God can use any of my junk and baggage for His glory, than so be it!

That is why I blog. It is not about me, …it is about Him …my Maker ….my love …my Savior!

I am sharing this with you because one of my favorite bloggers Arabah Joy is now hosting a Bloggers Bootcamp! I stumbled upon her blog over a year ago and found her writing and blogging immensely uplifting and heart-warming. I needed a breathe of fresh air breathed into me. His grace needed to be breathed into me, the Lord’s mercy needed to be breathed into my wounded heart.

And God met me there, ….in the pages of her blog He met me.

Yes, He can meet us wherever we go. He is always present waiting for us to reach out and seek Him, even if it’s on a blog! Arabah has been blogging since 2010 and she loves Jesus and I love seeing how God is using her to help others find healing and wholeness in Jesus alone!

If the Lord has called you to blog for Him, than you might want to take this course.

It’s not a ton of money, and she is not getting rich- she is simply trying to help others write and blog wisely and steward their gifts in the best way possible. In this course you will receive tangible steps and tips for seasoned and newbie bloggers. By taking this course it will help equip us so we can reach those who need to hear the Lord’s message, that is, the message He has put on our hearts to blog.


Hop over to Christian Bloggers Bootcamp, so you can get a better idea of what to expect each week.


For signing up soon you will get a FREE Blog Planner she is offering!

Click the image and I’ll see you in Christian Bloggers Bootcamp!

If your hesitant at all, go to Kaylene’s blog and she has a great testimonial on why she did Christian Bloggers Bootcamp and how it increased her reach in spreading God’s good word here.




Hope to see you there!

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