My Trash to Treasure Bench // How I Made My Old Bench Look Like New!

Before After Patio Chair

Two summers ago we found this old bench getting trashed (top photo) on our walk, and I convinced my hubby to carry it home so that I could re-do this for our front porchAnd two years later I finally finished it…lol (bottom photo)! Obviously, this project took me wayyyy too long to finish- procrastination at its best. But I finally got it finished up for this summer 🙂

I am so glad I finally completed my project because it looks so nice outside on our front porch.

How to re-make your own old bench:

  1. Wash bench down with soap and water.
  2. Use sand paper to sand down your old bench.
  3. Use outdoor paint. (We used the same navy paint that we used from our outdoor shutters)
  4. Paint two coats on the bench. Let bench dry thoroughly until you paint second coat.
  5. If you don’t have any holes in your bench, you can stop here. BUT if you want to add a nice touch of beauty or you have a hole to cover like me, purchase 1 1/2 yards of fabric for seat cover and small pillow.
  6. Measure bench and add 1 inch extra to sew around all four sides. I did not have much stuffing, so I had to get creative. I used some old fabric, towels, shirts,  and plastic grocery bags for my stuffing. If you have the time and money you can purchase stuffing or foam for the seating. For my situation I challenged myself to see how little of money I could use to take my bench from trash to treasure. 


Total cost $13.00 for my Trash to Treasure Bench! 

As an added bonus since I completed this, my boys have enjoyed having a comfy spot to read and relax outside. SWEET!  🙂

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