Bible Verse Stickers from Tyndale adds beauty to Scrapbook Journaling Pages

We were given some Bible verse stickers from Tyndale and were told to create whatever craft we wanted with them. The stickers were free to us, but these are my opinions and my ideas for the crafts we chose to create¬†ūüôā

To get the most out of these awesome stickers we did two different craft projects.


The first project we created are called Living Water Bottles.

To make these Living Water Bottles follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase water bottles
  2. Get scrapbook paper and cut paper long enough to wrap around the water bottles
  3. Tape the paper to the water bottles
  4. Decorate with the Tyndale Stickers that have Bible verse or statements of encouragement on them
  5. Hand them to the homeless or to people at local park

We pray that by giving these Living Water Bottles to others they will know that God will fill their thirst in more than one way. Jesus is our Living Water! 


 The second project is more craft-like and it is called Scrapbook Journaling.

We used these stickers our Scrapbook Journal pages. to add beauty and scripture to Scrapbook Journaling is something I have been doing with my kiddos for over three years now and we all love it (well most of the time). I have a book for each of them and it is a place where I we journal about God or make things for the Lord. I also do this on my own and for them in their individual books. Each child told me what they wanted to do and we were able to use these awesome stickers from Tyndale to add amazing things about the Lord.

My favorite stickers are shown below. Each sticker is beautifully designed with scripture as well! I loved these for sure! If I had any left over I would have used them for my own scrapbook journaling to the Lord. 

My oldest son enjoyed¬†using¬†these stickers since¬†every sticker he used had¬†scripture¬†on it. I love seeing his finished¬†journal pages¬†because he put a lot of thought and prayer¬†into them. The left page is about “God Graphing us into His Image” and the right page is the “10 Numbers of God” journal page.¬†By doing these journal pages¬†he is planting seeds of faith, scripture and creativity for the Lord¬†that is eternal!
My middle son did his page about using his hand(s) for God. We traced his hand and then he wrote five things that he wants to do with his hands for the Lord. I helped cut out his scrapbook paper but he picked everything out and put everything where he wanted it. I wrote in the middle of his hand “Thank you Jesus for Caleb’s Hands”. ¬†He had to use the awesome sticker that had a hand that says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” So true!!
My youngest son needed more help since he is four, and we had a fun time creating his¬†page for the Lord. Below is¬†how his page turned out – He is super proud of his creation and he loves Jesus with his whole heart! The red sticker verse says,¬†“What is impossible for people is possible with GOD!” And yes God can!
¬†I really loved using these Tyndale stickers for our scrapbook journals. I {LOVED}¬†having “scripture ready” stickers available for my kids to use and place¬†in their journals. God’s word is living and active and I pray that these scriptures will always live in their hearts and minds as they grow¬†older!124

 What matters most in this life is Loving God and Loving others!

Let us have FAITH that STICKS!

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