DIY Craft – Make your own Ribbon Bookmark Tutorial

bookmarkI began making Ribbon Bookmarks out of my love of ribbon + my love of gift making almost ten years ago. I wanted to create some gifts for Christmas and each person enjoyed reading, as I looked through my craft stash, I saw my ribbon and buttons laying together and that is when I began making Ribbon Bookmarks! 

This tutorial will take you step by step on how to create a 2 layered ribbon bookmark. If you don’t have thin ribbon, you can make a bookmark using only one wide ribbon (like the middle bookmark in the above picture).

STEP 1 – Materials needed:

ribbon bookmark supplies

  1. 1 Needle
  2. Button, charm, or old earring that looks good with your choice of ribbon
  3. Ribbon that is the length of the book you want to make it for
  4. Thin ribbon same length as the ribbon above
  5. Fray Check (you can find this at JoAnns or on Amazon)
  6. Cross-stitch thread- same color as the thinner ribbon
  7. Scissors (for children, this must be done with an adult)
STEP 2 – Cut ribbon:
Measure the book, and then add at least 2-4 inches extra to it. Then, cut the two ribbons the same length.

STEP 3 – Assembling the bookmark:ribbon2

Once you have cut both your ribbons fold them in half and leave at least 1/2 inch extra on top, then place your adornment where you want it stitched at.

Your adornment for the ribbon bookmark needs to have a hole at the top to sew it on, or use a decorative button to make it super easy for stitching! I have used both. I like to purchase buttons that don’t look like buttons! After you choose your adornment, then get your needle and thread ready to stitch it on.
Once it is threaded through the needle, as shown in the photo above, tie a knot in the bottom of the thread. To hide the knot from the outward appearance, fold the ribbons in half, then start to stitch the adornment on from the inside out. The adornment for the above bookmark I made was from an old earring that I lost its mate to. I love keeping little odd and end pieces just in case I might need it for an art project like this.

STEP 4 – Finishing touches:


Once you have hand stitched your adornment on, you are almost done. Get your Fray Check and put it on the ends of each ribbon. This will do exactly what it says, it will help the ribbon not to fray! Let it dry for a few minutes, and make sure it does not dry to anything it is next to. I just used a napkin placed underneath the ribbon, so the Fray Check would not get on the table, and then after a minute I removed the napkin and let the ribbon air dry for another 3 minutes.

STEP 5 – Find your favorite book and bookmark it!

bookmark bible

I hope you have fun making one for yourself! These also make great gifts for friends and family.

Let me know how you did making your Ribbon Bookmark, leave a comment below.

ribbon bookmark

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