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I love getting the Joyce Meyer, Enjoying Everyday magazine! This magazine is filled with beautiful design work, encouraging articles, and Bible-filled wisdom, verses and scriptures. 

After I am finished reading the magazine multiple times, I don’t want to just throw it out, so I decided to recycle and reuse it in several creative ways.

How I reuse and recycle my old Joyce Meyer Magazines:

  1. Use images or specific verses for my time with the Lord during scrapbook journaling.
  2. Cut out and do journal art with my children for Bible time!
  3. Cut verses out or colorful art and place in my Bible or around the house.
  4. Give it to another friend to encourage them 🙂

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If you prefer magazines online, start reading Joyce Meyer’s Magazine here.

I love reading Joyce Meyer’s books also. My all time favorite is Battlefield of the Mind Book. This book has helped me spiritually to fight the battle within my mind and win victoriously through Christ! She just released a new book last month, Get Your Hopes Up! Looking forward to reading her new book and the website describes her new book this way: 

“One of the most powerful forces in the universe is hope—the happy, confident anticipation that something good is going to happen. Hope sustains you through your darkest times and is the fuel you need to realize your dreams. Whatever your circumstances may be, it is impossible to live life to the fullest without hope. But seeking this sustenance in the wrong things—a professional position or another person—eventually leads to disappointment. Hope is only as strong as its source, and when it’s based on faith in God, you’ll find unwavering hope in endless supply.”


Have a great day friends and get your hopes up in Christ!

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