A Peek into our Week- Homeschooling Complete, New Faith Builders, New Minecraft Blocks Craft + Summer Love!

boys summer

Shhhh….. I have something TOP SECRET to share with you all,

SCHOOL is OUT for the Summer Here!

Well, at least all of it but one subject for my oldest son. I am super proud of our boys working so hard this year! We are now able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our summer list includes this so far:

Even though our school year is finished, the boys will still be learning every day- just not in a workbook type of way.

Can you tell that we LOVE summer?

And of course I will be sharing and talking with you as we journey through our summer 🙂 Feel free to share with me what is your favorite part of summer.

Since our typical homeschooling is over, I am excited to be able to spend more time on my writing and editing of a 365 Day Devotional book. WOAH! All I can say is: this writing and editing stuff is no joke! I have a new appreciation for my husband who spent over ten years writing a book of his own, and now writing three more books for his Nephilim series.

Writing a book is a HUGE amount of work, but well worth it if God has called you to do it!

I have been making one small step at a time so I will not feel overwhelmed and stop completely. Have you ever felt that way? I know I have, so I remind myself of this:

“God does not expect perfection, He only asks us to trust Him through the process


Like I said above, David my hubby is writing another book for his Nephilim the Remnants series, but He is also currently creating a Faith Builders Book based off all the 1,000s of downloads from his Faith Builders Curriculum. Our boys are ecstatic as well, they have been building right along side him to make the Bible projects he is working on.

Faith + Bible + Legos = Faith Builders

faith builders

This next project, Minecraft Blocks, I have been wanting to complete for a while now, but since homeschooling is over, I finally had some extra time to design and print the Minecraft Block sheets. One of our evenings this week the boys made some Minecraft Blocks (with help for little ones). My older son helped me come up with this idea during Christmas when I was making my Baby Blocks and Christmas Blocks for gifts.

The Minecraft Block craft went over so well with our guys, so I decided to write a post next week that will include all the details about how to make your own Minecraft blocks. I will have free download sheet and tell you step by step how to make your very own this upcoming week, so stay tuned!

Hey Minecraft fans- What a fun craft this would be for those hot summer days!caleb minecraft

Speaking of Baby Blocks, here are a few I did recently below. The top photo was for baby KATIE. I created this order for a friend who wanted a unique baby shower gift. The baby came early, so I was able to add her photo to the Baby blocks. You can make your own with my instructions here or you can order your very own from me here or here.

baby blocks

Another freebie printable I finalized today was the HOME Burlap Printable! I originally was going to write a simple post about a wedding gift I made for a friend, and then I decided to give you a FREE gift as well!

Click here to Download your FREE HOME Printable

home printable picMornings are one of my favorite parts of the day! As a family we eat breakfast together and read four various devotionals to start our day the very best way! Everyone but the youngest participates in reading their very own devotionals and then we take time talking and praying about what we learned! We read the Bible, Jesus Calling, Starting your Day Right, Growing with Purpose, and The Beginners Bible.

We don’t do this parenting thing perfect at all, 

but we are thankful the Lord entrusted our three wonderful children to our care!


Speaking of reading, here is a cute little photo Micah, my 4 year old took of Caleb reading to me. Such sweet moments reading together and Micah loving to take photos of them :)!


There is still so much more we did this week, but this is only a peek into our week, not a journal of our week. I hope you had a wonderful week! Please share below what your favorite part of your week was! I would love to hear from you!

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    Thank you so much. Im a daddy to a wonderful miracle God has given me, a son! Jesse is almost 3 and i have a yearning in my heart and a duty to raise him according to God’s will. I will save this site to my home screen as an example for me to follow. Again, thank you and God Bless you and your family.

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