What I found PINTERESTing on Pinterest – Week 6 // Verses, Buffalo Dip Cook-Off, and Homeschooling Ideas

pinteresting week 6

Here we go, it is week SIX of what I found PINTERESTing this week on Pinterest Friday! There was quite a bunch I found PINTERESTing this week! I tried to keep it short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy it all!

 If you missed any of the previous weeks, you can read more below:

1. On my Jesus + Verses + Scripture Board this is what encouraged my heart and soul this week. If you click on the image, it will take you to Pinterest or the original source or follow my board here to get inspired weekly.

The first image is a reminder of the beautiful song , It is Well with my Soul. I wrote a post here concerning this very song and the writer of the song.



aa656b0df16cf04f58ca212c0ba41bcd2. On my Food Board I pinned a food good ideas or recipes, but first I must share my Buffalo Dip Cook-Off me and a friend had last weekend. We have been getting together almost every week to cook and try something new, and Pinterest has been our go-to for new food recipes (except this one was not a Pinterest idea ironically, but still had to share!)

This past weekend we did a Buffalo Dip Cook-Off. She used her recipe from allrecipes.com and I however have a funny story for mine. Back in January, she told me about this amazing recipe, so I made it exactly how she said, but then somehow after only 1 month I started making it differently and ended with only 3 ingredients to make mine Buffalo Dip. And if you know me well, you’re not surprised about that. I am not the greatest at cooking and I do like easy, so I in the end it actually worked out!

Once we talked about our recipes and how much we loved the dip, I realized I had been making it all wrong, but my family still loved mine. That is when we decided to do a Buffalo Dip Cook Off.  Below is the photo of our two Taster Tester Judges (hubby and oldest son). Aren’t they so serious??!!! My other two boys are not fans of any dips YET, so they gladly did not do the taste testing.


For our Cook-Off night, we made our recipes and chatted together while the boys watched Batman. I ended up making two types of dip, one more hot than the other. That is why you see three serving cups of dip.

<< The Judging was split. It was a Tie. >>

My hubby liked Ida’s recipe and my son liked my recipe. 

Thanks Ida Belle Michelle for having fun doing our Buffalo Dip Cook-Off! I know we tied, but I still think mine was the best..lol! You can read more about our cooking extravaganza here.

I will write more about the Buffalo Dip Recipe – coming soon!

Another food pin I really liked was the one below. If you click on the link below you will get a great list of 45 real food snacks! And what person couldn’t use help with that? I know I do!


3. On my Homeschooling Micah board I found so many great ones if you have a pre-schooler in your life.  The one below has lots of prints you can get for free, and I am looking forward to using this for next week.


And this one is awesome! 100 sight words! With Caleb now reading, Micah is not far behind him. YEA! So, I had to pin this one for Micah, he is 4 1/2. This will be great for him to watch and learn the 100 sight words this way before he begins to memorize them on the cards. Have any of you done this before? Super excited about this one!

Did you find anything PINTERESTing this week? Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite board or pin for the week.

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