What I found PINTERESTing on Pinterest – Week 5 // Verses, Minecraft Creeper Cake + Philly Cheesesteak Dip I made


Here we go, it is week five of PINTERESTing Friday! I have a post of all the pins that I found PINTERESTing this week on Pinterest. If you missed it, you can read more about it here, here and hereI saw a lot of amazing things on Pinterest this week. I love my Jesus board more than anything else, because it feeds my soul and spirit.

1. On my Jesus + Verses + Scripture Board this is what encouraged my heart and soul this week. If you click on the image, it will take you to Pinterest or the original source or follow my board here to get inspired weekly.




 2. On my Food Board I will share a few that make the cut in cooking this week. A friend and I have been getting together weekly to cook and try something new, and Pinterest has been our go-to for new food recipes, especially since we are trying Trim Healthy Mama recipes. As I said a few weeks ago when I first began cooking with her it was way out of my comfort zone, but now I am liking the challenge of making one things new every week, sometimes 2-3 new things a week! Thanks Ida Belle Michelle for cooking with me again! You can read more about our cooking extravaganza here.

This past weekend we make the infamous Philly Cheesesteak Dip. This recipe was not Ida’s favorite, but I liked it, my older son loved it and my hubby thought it was just okay. Next week I will blog about our Buffalo Chip Dip Cook-Off we will do this weekend 🙂


Here is my photo of our Philly Cheesesteak Dip! Yummo! Why don’t you try it and see if you like it?! 


The next food item I am sharing with you is what I pinned was for my oldest son’s 11th birthday! He is loving all things Minecraft right now. Since I am not the best cake-maker, I typically make cupcakes (easy) or I purcahse a cake. But once I saw this photo on Pinterest, I knew I could make an easy Creeper Cake.

989931a5c5645842d75a7f8ad3fd40b3Here is the a photo of my son Daniel and his Creeper Minecraft Cake I made for his 11th birthday! He was thrilled! I can not believe how fast 11 years has gone by! He is so handsome!


 3. On my Homeschooling Board I pinned a few that peaked my interest! The first one I thought was very creative way to encourage reading with your children! I will definitely being doing this through our reading programs for summer, even though my older guys reads quite a ton. Last year he read over 100 books. He was is 4th grade and read several books that were above his grade level. To check out that 100 book list you can go here.

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Another noteworthy pin was this graphic from the website called iheartguts.com This website has all the body organs and when you click on any organ or body part it explains the function. Pretty Cool!


Well there you have it for y list of what I though was PINTERESTing! Did you find anything PINTERESTing this week? Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite board is for this week.

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