4 Simple Ways to Save You Time and Money

4 Simple Ways to Save You Time

Who wouldn’t like to save time or save money or even both? I know I do! Here are some simple tips that have saved off hours of time during my week and saved me hundreds of dollars shopping.

List making on Mondays are a great way to start the week FRESH! AHHH! Some people plan their week ahead on the weekends, but I typically do it on Monday mornings. I take the time to make all my lists before my kiddos get up for breakfast and after I take some quiet time with My Maker.

I like to keep it simple.

These are the lists I make to keep me organized all week-long:

  1. Fill in weekly Homeschool Planner for my older two children (Thanks Aunt Dawn for my planner!)
  2. Make my To-Do List for the Week
  3. Make a Shopping List + Budget total for Shopping Trip
  4. Make a Meal Plan for the Week based off Shopping List from #3

When I make my lists on Monday mornings, it really helps me stay focused on what I need to do and what I want to do. Not everything gets done on my list every week, but that is okay! It is a guide for me, not a legalistic regulator

I am an old school list maker- I use paper and pen or pencil.

But not everyone is like that. Several people I know use their phones, or Google to keep them on schedule. Do whatever works for you, that’s what matters.

Do What Works For You And Your Family!

Now I do want to be 100% honest with you, I do enjoy making lists. In fact I LOVE it! Go ahead and laugh if you’re not a list maker, but it’s a lot of fun, and I get so much done. Sometimes, I even add a task (after I did it) so I could check it off….lol! I know that sounds silly to some people, but I do get satisfaction out of completing tasks and getting my things completed on my list. And if you do the same, no judging here 😉

4 Simple Ways to Save You Time

Because I had to Mystery Shop, I could only stop at a few stores, due to my time frame. Normally I like to go to Aldi first, but time did not permit, so I had to plan for Kroger using digital coupons. I think I might still have to stop at Aldi and spend about $10.00. Which would still keep me around my 65.00 budget. Not too shabby for a family of five!

My Three Step Game Plan to Save Money:

  1. Make a Shopping List after checking pantry, frig and freezer.
  2. Create Menu Plan for entire week.
  3. Bring menu plan + shopping list, and calculator to grocery store. 


For this week I budgeted $64.50 ($9.21 will be reimbursed due to Mystery Shopping).

My Weekly Meal Plan:

Pig’s Crown :: Super Easy Recipe (see here)
Cereal x5 (my kiddos LOVE cereal)

Grilled cheese + apples
PB & J + yogurt 
Snackie lunch / crackers, cheese, carrots
Soup + crackers
Leftovers from dinner
Turkey Salad
Hot Dogs + pretzels + grapes

Salad with Grilled Chicken + fixins
Taco Salad + Cookie Cake Mix Bars
Meatball Subs + apples
Grilled Chicken – Gluten Free
Buffalo Dip Cook-Off with a friend
Pizza Night
Small Group Potluck Meal

Here are some Cookie Cake Mix Bars I made this week….YUM!


So, there you have it. Our family of five menu plan + grocery list + total budget.

Where do you like to shop to get the best grocery deals? 

<<Check out my Meal Plan + Shopping Trip at Aldi  + no coupons used  Budget $65.00>>

If you are interested in how you can SHOP FOR FREE, check out how I grocery shopped for FREE here!


If you would like to get the super easy Pig’s Crown recipe, go here!



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