Scrapbook Journaling Easter with My Children


One of the many things I love about homeschooling is our Bible time together. It varies day to day, but when we put God first, we start our day off right! With Easter coming up we have been discussing Palm Sunday, Good Friday – Jesus’ Death and why it is called Good Friday. And then the majority of our focus has been Jesus’ resurrection – Easter. That is what I am sharing with you today- our Easter Scrapbook Journaling pages.

A life of loving the Lord happens moment by moment. It is in the mundane day to day tasks of our life. It is not primarily in a short devotional we do, but interwoven in the small and big parts of our life.

Each of the boys enjoyed creating their own pages for the Lord. You can adapt this however you would like to make it work for your family. What I typically do is gather all the supplies ahead of time, and get it organized and laid out for them. Since our theme is Easter, I had been looking for stickers, or cards that would be the dominant feature on their pages, then they would build around it. I ended up finding a very beautiful EASTER card-stock that a church was passing out. I knew that we had to use it for our scrapbook journal pages celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection!


My youngest guy Micah is four years old. He created his page with me this past weekend when I was scrapbook journaling. He saw me scrapbooking and wanted to work on something, too. Towards the end of  decorating his page, he wanted to put, “My Jesus” on his page. I love seeing how He loves His Jesus! Since Micah is only four, he does a lot more stickers and scrapbook papers than writing. In the end it’s all about Micah showing Jesus love and sharing it with others.



My middle guy Caleb is 6 years old, he loves being creative in so many different ways right now. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement for Caleb to get involved, but once he gets started he amazes me with all that he creates, colors and writes. Once Caleb picked out his page color, he knew exactly what stickers he wanted to use and was most excited about the bunny sticker (top left corner).

calebsCaleb used some white paper to make an opening flap on his page, and his eyes lit up as he said to me, “Oh Mom, I know what I want to do! How do you spell “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth?” (From the Bible, Genesis 1:1) I gave him such a big hug and told him what a great idea- how wonderful that would be for the Lord. I opened my Bible and showed him where the verse was and he wrote it all out just like he wanted. I love how his page turned out.




My oldest guy Daniel is almost 11, and he absolutely loves being creative. Since Daniel is older he takes more time to make it look exactly how he wants it to look. He is more precise about what he wants to say and how he journals it. I loved seeing the end product so much!  He decided to journal how he felt about Easter on the white square paper, and also drew a scene of the tomb and wrote “He has risen”  on it as well.

When I asked Daniel why he loves scrapbook journaling he said;

“Because it is a good time to spend with Jesus. I also enjoy it because I get to be creative, using it for Jesus.”


Over the years as we take time to scrapbook journal as a family we have grown closer to the Lord and each other. As we journey through homeschooling, I have decided what matters the most is this: that each of my children know that God loves them deeply. And spending time with the Lord can be fun, enjoyable and creative. By them taking time to scrapbook journal they are loving Jesus back, as well.

The Lord keeps teaching me over and over to give my boys the time + love + encouragement to be with Him. By instilling His love into their hearts, they will keep growing closer to the Lord as I nurture and cultivate it into their daily lives.

journaling boys

In posts to come, I will share more about why I started scrapbook journaling and how it has grown into them doing it as well. You can read more about when I first began, and how it has changed my life for the better here and here.

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