What I found PINTERESTing on Pinterest – Week 2


Last week I started a new weekly blog series on What I found PINTERESTing this week on Pinterest. If you missed it, you can read more about it hereEvery week I will blog about what I found to be PINTERESTing on Pinterest for the week! If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click here or stop by weekly and see what’s new here. So, here is some of the awesome-ness I found this week! Hope this helps you as well.

1. On my For Home Board, I found this really cool way to re-invent a toothbrush holder. I plan on making this very soon for my kiddos bathroom. I even have an extra Mason jar!


2. On my Homeschooling Board, I found this really cool art project that is just simply fun! We are going to be doing this one very soon for Art class fun!


 3. On my Homeschooling Board for my kindergartener, I pinned a post that had information about the B and D reversal. They had a very simple and helpful tip if your concerned for your child.


4. On my Jesus + Verses + Scripture board this is what encouraged my heart and soul this week. I had so many good ones to pick from. God is so faithful to speak to us if we can only bend our ear to hear His soft whisper. If you click on the image, it will take you to Pinterest to find the original source or follow my board here. 




5. On my Food board this looked so yummy, Spaghetti Squash Carbona! I made it last Saturday with a friend. Both of us thought it should have tasted better that it did, but my husband really enjoyed it. I also added shrimp, and that made it taste even better.


6. On my Lego board I had to pin this one! We are a family of all things boys! And who doesn’t love Legos anyway? Our boys enjoy Legos so much that my husband wrote an amazing curriculum called Faith Builders. I had an Altoid box on hand, so I am going to be making this for my littlest guy for an Easter Surprise. Hopefully it works out well, I will have to do a post about how it goes and if my kiddo loved it or not.


I hope this has helped, inspired or encouraged you. How do you use Pinterest? I would love to hear. Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite board is for this week.

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Source for Watercolor art.

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