The Maker Song + Why I Love My Maker

Have you ever heard a song and you wanted to leap for joy? I wanted to leap for joy when I heard this song for the first time, The Maker by Chris August. The words and music are intertwined beautifully together. The entire song is celebrating our Maker, the Lord above.

“Your love is like a mighty fire deep inside my bones
I feel like I could climb a thousand mountains all at once
And I never have to wonder if somebody cares for me
I love the Maker
And the Maker loves me”

Several years ago I started journal writing. The Lord prompted me to start scrapbook journaling, and then years later it turned into pouring my heart out to the Maker of my soul. My journals became a gift to Him and a gift to myself.

A safe place where I could pour out…. florida

  • my hopes
  • my dreams
  • my joy
  • my family
  • my sorrows
  • my trials
  • my creativity
  • my love for Him

No longer would I keep it stuffed inside, I would be free to journal with my Maker all that was going on in my life. What started out as simply scrapbook journaling the pretty parts of my life gave birth to an intimate, authentic, no holding back relationship with my Maker. I love my Maker so deeply now more than ever. Even when my life was filled with darkness and deep pain, the Lord was with me EVERY step of the way. He is there for each one of us, if we are willing to stop and spend time with him.


He wants a deep relationship with each of us.

Will we stop, take a breath and spend time with our Maker? To really sit in the presence of the Maker and lover of your soul. Pray, read, journal, spend whatever time you need to break away from the chaos and noise this life brings and connect with Him. Today. Tonight. Right Now. He loves and cares for you deeply.

Allow Him to speak to you with a fresh word right now, right where you are in this very moment. He is faithful and true to His word!

“He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them– he remains faithful forever.” – Psalm 146:6

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  1. Janet Reeves says:

    I love journaling my prayers, too. It helps me slow down and focus. Later I can revisit significant moments. Thank you for introducing me to the song. Happy Easter!

  2. jenn says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard that song yet. It is beautiful.
    Love your post and your site!
    I came by from the Grace & Truth linkup. 🙂

  3. ~ linda says:

    Journaling is a favorite part of my life and journaling my journey with the Lord makes them even more special. I am singing a song these days that my two sister-in-laws introduced me to earlier this week. We looked up all the words on their annual visit here and sang together. Music, even with a not-so-good voice gives me feelings of lifted up on high.
    Thanks for sharing this song.
    Visiting from Grace & Truth.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  4. Terri Presser says:

    Thank you for the encouragement to have a deeper relationship with God, journaling sounds like a wonderful way to focus on Him. I am getting a journaling bible for mothers day and I am looking forward to seeing how this goes, taking notes and writing as I read through the bible. Thanks for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    • devotedtomaker says:

      I am so glad it encouraged your heart Terri. Thanks for letting me share on Good Morning Mondays! Let me know how the journaling Bible goes. I have seen it and wondered about getting one myself! Blessings!

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