What I found PINTERESTing this week on Pinterest!


So, can I just say that I {LOVE} Pinterest! At first, I was like ugh!! another place I have to go and keep track of stuff, but after a few years of being on Pinterest…I LOVE IT! Out of all social media right now, Pinterest is my favorite. Mainly because I use it to encourage my soul and get helpful ideas for my daily life, especially spiritually and homeschooling. Since I am such a huge fan of Pinterest, I am going to start blogging weekly about what I found to be PINTERESTing on Pinterest for the week! If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click here or stop by weekly and see what’s new here.

 I have several boards or categories, but my favorite boards are:


  • :: Jesus + Verses + Scripture :: I love Jesus, I love scripture, I love verses + I love words! I love to see how a design flows and beautifies a simply ordinary space. I find more value and encouragement from the Lord here than I do on any other social media piece. When I am praying asking the Lord to speak to me, the right verse will come on my Pinterest page. If He will do it for me, than he can do it for you, friend. Simply follow after Him in every aspect of your life, and yes, even on Pinterest. Watch how He will speak to you! He loves you so dearly!

  • :: Homeschooling :: I have three separate boards for homeschooling since I am teaching 5th, K, and Pre-K. I get so many great ideas on what I can do for each one of our children we homeschool. 

  • :: For My Boys :: Whenever I see something that would be great fun, I simply pin it. Now, to be honest, just because I pin something does not mean I have done it. But, I like to keep some fun ideas on hand for whenever we need some creative fun!

What I found PINTERESTing this week:

1. On my Homeschooling Board for my older son, there were two things that helped my son understand fractions in a much simpler way! Go here for more details about fractions. 


 2. On my Homeschooling Board for my pre-schooler, I pinned a free Assessment Form that I was able to use it to see where he is.


 3. On my Jesus + Verses + Scripture board here is what I encouraged my heart and soul this week. If you click on the image, it will take you to Pinterest to find the original source or follow my board here. I really loved the top design, “You make all things New” because I recently wrote a post about All Things New here. 




4. On my Food board this looked so yummy! I am going add this to our dinner menu for the week.


I hope this has helped or encouraged you. How do you use Pinterest? I would love to hear. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite board is for this week.

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