Why God cares about You – A Penny for Your Thoughts

Spring has finally begun to give us a glimpse of what is to come here in our little town, so I took my littlest guy on a walk outside a few days ago. The sun was shining, remnants of snow melted away, birds chirping, and we were walking hand in hand.

Oh how I love these moments with my childrenAs we walked and talked about our day, Micah shared what he liked most about school. We were simply enjoying being together and soaking in the warm sunshine.

A penny for

After a few blocks of us being on our walk, I looked down and saw a dirty penny lying on the sidewalk.  I stopped and said,

“Look Micah, there is a penny, just for you.”

Micah was excited and reached down to pick up the penny with his little fingers and then we kept on our way. Then we kept walking and turned the corner to cross the street. As I looked down in the street there were more pennies mixed in with the gravel. I said, 

“Look Micah, there’s so many pennies!” 

Then Micah said, “Oh My!” and started to pick up each dingy penny one by one.

His little hands could barely pick up each and every penny we found on the street. As we as were in the home stretch we were thanking God and talking about all the pennies we just found. Micah was cute as can be. He was smiling and holding all of his pennies in his little hand.

Just minutes from our house Micah stops walking and says to me,

“Look mommy, pennies!”

I look down to see three more pennies on the sidewalk.

“Wow Micah look at that!” I just stood there wondering how cool and interesting we found all these pennies on our walk. 

I knew in that moment the Lord was trying to teach me something about all these pennies.

As we walked home, with all the pennies, now safely tucked in his little jeans pocket, so many thoughts were swirling in my mind. Micah was so excited to go home and share some pennies with his brothers and yet I could not stop thinking about how many spiritual truths the Lord was revealing to me.


{ Penny for your thoughts }

  1. He will give us what we need, when we need it. Just like Micah & I finding pennies at three various times and three various amounts on our walk, the Lord will provide for each of us in various times and ways in our life. Just like the first little penny we found, there will be times we need just enough to pay a specific bill til we get paid again, and then you will find your “penny” or your “penny” will be given to you. Maybe you need a lot more than one “penny”. In fact you need an abundance of the Lord’s financial provision, and God will pour out like He did the second time we found all those pennies. He will provide abundantly!  Then there will be days that you have already been provided for and you lack nothing, but God will surprise with more “pennies” like Micah and I experienced on our third set of pennies. Dear friends, God will always give you with what you need when you need it!
  2. penniesThe lost things. When we found all those pennies, I couldn’t help but think someone had lost all these pennies, and it did not seem to matter to them. Was it one person dropping pennies all over our neighborhood or was it several people loosing pennies and not worried about something that held little or no value to them? Either way the Lord cares for the lost things of this world: the lost son, the lost coin, the lost in the world, and the lost sheep. “If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it? And when he has found it, he will joyfully carry it home on his shoulders” (Luke 15:4-5, NLT). God cares for the lost people in this world, and we need to as wellI was once lost, but now I am found. I am the Lord’s now because He has found me.
  3. The Widow’s Two Mites. In Sunday school Micah had learned about the widows mite in the Bible. His lesson was to give away his two mites to someone, and he gave them to me on Sunday after church. After he gave them to me I told him the Lord would bless him for giving so kindly and generously to me, and we talked about giving. “’I tell you the truth,’” Jesus said, “’this poor widow has given more than all the rest of them. For they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has’” (Luke 21:3-4, NLT). Fast forward to Micah finding all those pennies three days later. WOW! I was amazed at what a connection there was for our family. The Lord gave Micah 18 pennies on our walk. He gave Micah back nine times more than what He had given me. In the spiritual economy, we can’t be confined to NOT give because we think we have so little, simply give to the Lord. It could be your lunch to a homeless person. It could be the money you want to spend on a latte, but instead give to a local charity. It could be your time. It could be helping a family at your church and surprising them with a meal and something tangible they need. You never know how God will use us, but God will always use what we give to Him. Just like Micah did when he gave his very little to me, the Lord multiplied and gave him back even more pennies than he could hold with his little hands.

Three main takeaway points:

First, let us trust in the Lord that He will provide for all our needs in the exact time we need it.
Second, let us care for the lost people in this world as the Lord does.
Last, let us give generously when the Lord calls us to give.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Great thoughts here! First of all – how fun to find all these treasures with your little one! It’s times like that in which we can impart the value of simple treasures, and to always keep your eyes open to the world around you. Also, I love the two parables you referenced. I always learn a lot from those two and reread them often. It encourages my perspective on treasure. Thanks for sharing with us at Grace & Truth!

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